The Old Sun Haworth

Local information

Our Hotel is the closest to the moors of all Haworth’s hotels, just a few minutes from Penistone Hill and from there clearly marked footpaths lead you across to the Brontẻ Falls, Top Withens (Wuthering Heights) and beyond. 


We are also close to all of the major attractions of Haworth village: The Parsonage Museum; The Parish Church; Schoolrooms; Tourist Information Centre; Apothecary and the historic cobbles of Main Street, with all its quaint shops and tea rooms.


Haworth Station [a Grade II listed building], on the excellent Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, featuring steam locomotives daily (best known for ‘The Railway Children’ film with Jenny) is also close by.

A sign on the wall at the front of the pub suggest that walkers, muddy boots and soggy dogs are all welcome and it’s not wrong.

Links to the eerie past still linger on in Haworth. On some old buildings, strange stone faces, known as “Archaic stone heads,” stare out onto the street. They look like ancient Celtic stone heads, but historical researcher John Billingsley says they were a continuing folk magic custom that experienced a rebirth of popularity in the area in the 17th and 19th centuries.

They were used to ward off evil, and in 1754 such a head was placed on the wall of The Old Sun Inn to stop a haunting. It was later moved to over the front door and it is said to have worked. It’s still in place now and whether you believe it or not, if you have any sort of curiosity about the supernatural, it is an interesting take on the building and well worth a visit to The Old Sun, in order  to experience the atmosphere of this mythical legend.