The Old Sun Haworth


The pub offers occasional live entertainment, a weekly quiz [Wednesdays from 9pm], karaoke &  bingo and is involved in events like the Haworth Arts festival and the 1960’s weekend, as well as routinely involved in charity events too

Haworth Steampunk weekend 23rd-25th November 2018 very busy and enjoyable weekend in the village.

The Old Sun is involved in hosting events this week as part of the Haworth Arts Festival; on Tuesday 24th July 2018 we have a Light-hearted Poetry & Lunch from 12.30pm which involves much laughter over sandwiches and homemade cake. 
Tickets are £3.00
The on Saturday 28th July 2018 we present “Caledonia Road” playing live from 8.30pm.  They are an acoustic duo from Keighley that play originals of a folk/indie genre.  FREE ADMISSION